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Whether it's an iPhone, Laptop Computer repair, I can provide you outstanding service.

  • I repair iPhones and Laptop Computers.
  • Cracked screen? Low battery? I have the skills and parts.
  • Computer running slow? Need a clean out? Let me handle it.


These are some of our popular services.


Broken your iPhone screen? Ear piece speaker not working? I provide top quality repairs.

Android Devices

Cracked screen? Broken back glass? I can professionally repair your device, just call to schedule an appointment.


Cracked laptop screen? Not turning on? Need a reset? Bring it in and I will get it fixed in no time!

Other questions?

Call me today and ask away!

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We offer many different options for your screen replacement. Be sure you know whether you want the most affordable option (Third-Party) or the Official Geniune Apple Screen Replacement. Colors may slightly differ with the affordable option (Third-Party).

We always recommend the original (Genuine) part!

iPhone Model            (Third-Party)      (Geniune)
Device Testing $30 $30
iPhone 6 $60 $80
iPhone 6 Plus $60 $80
iPhone 6S $60 $80
iPhone 6S Plus $60 $80
iPhone 7 $70 $100
iPhone 7 Plus $80 $120
iPhone 8 $80 $120
iPhone 8 Plus $90 $120
iPhone X $100 $160
iPhone XR $120 $140
iPhone XS $130 $160
iPhone XS Max $140 $210
iPhone 11 $130 $200
iPhone 11 Pro $140 $220
iPhone 11 Pro Max $250 $340
iPhone 12 Mini N/A $360
iPhone 12 N/A $370
iPhone 12 Pro N/A $380
iPhone 12 Pro Max N/A $400

You can mail in your device to us! Just message us on FaceBook to get started. Get Started!


These are the services we provide.

Types of services                          Starting Cost
Device Testing & Diagnosis $30
Adware And Spyware Removal $60
Hard Drive Replacement $80
Reset and Fresh Install OS $80
Motherboard Replacement $60
Laptop Battery Replacement $120
Laptop Screen Replacement $140
Windows/Mac Data Recovery $120
Operating System Installation $80

You can mail-in your device!

We are excited to announce that we are accepting mail-in repairs! Package your device and provide us a phone number to call when we recieve your device. Then just ship it to our address provided below.

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